Assisting the Mayor and Council are three full-time employees, one part-time employee, and a part-time administrator.  Positions are Municipal Town Clerk/Treasurer; part-time Clerk; Water Operator, Sewer Operator, and a maintenance worker.  Also, a part-time administrator assists the Mayor and Council with administrative duties including grant writing.

Public Works/Maintenance Department:

The Jefferson Public Works/Maintenance Department consists of 3 full-time employees who are responsible for the town’s water system, sewer system, and all maintenance services.  Jefferson’s drinking water source is Chesterfield County Rural Water and Sewer Company.  All water supplied to Jefferson’s system and its 368 customers is provided by Alligator Rural Water and Sewer Company.   Alligator’s source is deep wells tapping the Middendorf Aquifer.  Jefferson operates a wastewater treatment facility that discharges into Little Fork Creek under an NPDES permit issued by the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control.  All maintenance of Town property is provided by the Public Works/Maintenance Department.



Solid Waste Collection:

The Town provides weekly collection of residential solid waste at the curbside under a contract with Waste Management Inc.  Also, twice yearly (spring and fall) the Town offers the curbside pickup of limbs and leaves, and makes containers available at a central location in town for disposal of white goods, brown goods, and construction debris.    

Fire Department:

The Town of Jefferson contracts its fire services with Sandhill Volunteer Fire Department.  Through coordinated efforts, both SVFD and the town have benefited by working hard to achieve and maintain lower ISO ratings which lowers insurance costs.

Law Enforcement:

The Town of Jefferson contracts with the Chesterfield County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement protection.  The Mayor and Council are very pleased with this arrangement and the level of services provided by the Sheriff’s Department to our citizens and businesses.







Parks and Recreation

The Town provides three parks, a community center, and a gymnasium for use by area residents.  The Jefferson Recreation Complex on Ogburn Drive is operated by the Dixie Youth Committee and consists of several multi-purpose fields with lighting.   







223 N Main Street - Jefferson, SC 29718



Town of Jefferson
Official site for Jefferson, South Carolina

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